The Future is 79% Female

Gender Equality will always be a core value at Nordic International Film Festival. NIFF 2019 Official selection resulted in 79% percent of films featured having at least one woman in a power position. The full report is available on our website. We are very proud to introduce the numbers for NIFF 2019. Statistics based on NIFFs Official Selection


50% F

50% M

Exec. Producers

34% F

66% M 


40% F

60% M 


20% F

80% M 


55% F

45% M


44% F

56% M

It's somewhat ingrained in us to be aware of gender equality, hence it was natural to us to pay attention to this matter by asking the question:

Does the Nordic film industry match their desire for equality, or does it fall under the general film making male dominated norm? 

At Nordic International Film Festival, we let the work speak for itself. We select all of our films based on quality - and we just happen to be so lucky to receive incredible work from a somewhat gender balanced group.

Full report can be downloaded here.