Best Documentary Short:

Raised by Krump

Motivation: A gorgeous film which captures a unique movement, and that celebrates both the art, the story and the people behind it.

Best Nordic Short:

The Art of Not Appearing

Motivation: Whimsical and honest, told with heart and humor.

Best Narrative Short:

¡Mais Duro! 

Motivation: Compelling, heartfelt and funny, telling a story full of love and integrity about one of the defining moment in our lives. 

Best Documentary Feature:

Ghost Rockets

Motivation: Told with love and sincerity, this documentary beautifully navigates both the story, and the story behind the story.

Best Nordic Feature:

Autumn Fall

Motivation: Flirting with a greek tragedy, this unexpected story tells us about the beauty and conflict with human connection.

Best Narrative Feature:

The Salton Sea

Motivation: Intriguing, tense and thrilling, this fine-tuned and subtle film aces in every aspect of independent filmmaking. 

Best Cinematography: 

Arnar Thor Thorisson (A Reykjavik Porno)    

Motivation:  Through outstanding work, the cinematography heightened and seduced the jury, creating gorgeous layers in an entangled story.

Best Director:

Veena Sud (The Salton Sea) 

Motivation: With tenderness and integrity, the relationship between both the characters and their surroundings gets told with utmost proficiency and nuance.

Best Male Actor:

Albert Halldórsson (A Reykjavik Porno)

Motivation: A brave and completely committed performance, connecting to a troubled character and creating a layered inner life. 

Best Female Actor:

Diarra Kilpatrick (The Salton Sea)

Motivation: For her strong choices and commitment to the craft and her extraordinary way of living through the life of her character.

Honorable Mention:


Motivation: Truly innovative and brave, this film chose to strip away everything but the communication between two people. Exceptional in forward thinking filmmaking.