Nordic International Film Festival guarantees distribution

What does Sundance Film Festival and NIFF have in common? Well, we are so very pleased to announce that beginning this year, Nordic International Film Festival can guarantee distribution of our Official Selection on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Playstation and also sending the offer to Hulu and Netflix.

NIFF welcomes collaborators FilmHub, Shortly and Distribber - three competitive distribution platforms - to our NIFF family. We have always been a film festival for the filmmakers, and should you be interested in distribution for your film, let us know and we will make it happen.

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Filmmaker matchmaking

When we started this festival 5 years ago, with help from our friends at Tribeca Film Festival, our mission was to create an international hub and a meeting platform in New York for independent filmmakers with the focus of building a bridge between the Nordic region and the US.

For NIFF2019, we want to invite our filmmakers in our Official Selection to our industry filmmaker lounge. As the filmmaker lounge is by invitation only - please email us to get your password, fill out the form and we will do our best to introduce you to your next collaborator.

ROXY Hotel Discount

As a filmmaker in the Official Selection at Nordic International Film Festival we offer you a 12 % discount at Roxy Hotel NY. Please let our administration team know you will want to book a stay for the festival and we’d be happy to send you a discount code.