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Waiting For The Sun - Denmark - New York Premiere

Directed by: Kaspar Astrup Schröder

Country: Denmark

Premiere: New York Premiere

When their father is sentenced to death, three Chinese siblings – two twin sisters and their little brother – are placed in the orphanage Sun Village, which is for children of imprisoned parents. Nobody wants to have anything to do with children from such a shameful background. And from one day to the next, the three have to learn to fend for themselves together with the other 'orphaned' children in the small village. 'Waiting for the Sun' is filmed from the children's own point of view over a period of two years, and Kaspar Astrup Schröder has created a nuanced and sensitive film, where the young lives take shape along the way. The home's adults do everything in their power to help the children, and friendships are made between the three siblings and their new family of similarly aged children. Even if, contrary to all expectations, their parents were still to be released, the road back to the rest of society would be hard and long. And yet this is what all the children in Sun Village are dreaming of.