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A Home In Memory - Finland - US Premiere

Directed by: Helena Oest

Country: Finland

Premiere: US Premiere

'A home in Memory' looks into the relationship between identity and the surrounding space. What is it like to abandon a home which carries traces from several generations? 

The task of clearing out an estate left by a close relation awaits most of us. The artifacts left behind tell us about the deceased and her or his life. Sometimes, as in this case, you can find layers stemming from generations back, in the form of photographs and letters. Furniture, walls and floors hold their memories as well. What does it feel like to leave it all behind and close the door for the last time? 

'A home in Memory' shows an almost 300 m2 apartment in the very centre of Helsinki and how it is being emptied, picture by picture. Visually, the film consists of still photos only. On the sound track we hear two sisters discussing, the sounds of the apartment and the surroundings. The siblings are not shown in the photos, we can only hear them. It is as if what we see is in the past but what we hear in the present.

'A home in Memory' documents the process of relinquishing. It tells about objects but awakes thought about what we all necessarily will have to let go of. The film encourages the viewer to appreciate life, while still possible. To close and to open doors.