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Johan Matton
Founder, Festival Director (CFO)

Johan Patrik Fredrik Matton, born in Stockholm, Sweden. He has contributed to the independent film community in New York with several different projects amongst them the documentary Lives of Bernard Herrmann, FEMME, The Philosopher King, Ecstacy and Agony, Till We Meet Again, which obtained worldwide distribution and a limited theatrical release in the US. The film also won several awards including 'Best Picture' Jury Prize and Best Picture Audience Award at Long Beach International Film Festival, Johan, and the film also won 'Award of Merit Special Mention for Best Feature Film" and the "Award of Excellence" at Los Angeles Film Festival Awards. Johan have worked with many A list stars such as Edie Falco, Olivia Luccardi, Reed Birney, Alec Baldwin and Becky Ann Backer and his films have screened at over 70 film festivals around the world. Johan has also worked as the main content producer for Snapchat and Cycle producing the official Eurosport/Olympics 2018 in PyeongChang's Public Snapchat Channel. The first Swedish official Snapchat channel ever launched. Johan successfully released nearly 300 Snaps, seen by over 35 million people, for the Olympics under the 17 day run.

As a founder and president of Nordic International Film Festival, he uses his experience from screenwriting acting and producing to help filmmakers in New York to showcase their independent films and focusing on smaller independent filmmakers and he helps them achieve distribution and an audience.

John attended and graduated from the renowned Circle in The Square Theatre School on Broadway and have since his graduation won several best-acting awards for his performance in dramatic films and series.

Outside of making films Johan is involved in multiple charity organizations, has traveled through almost all South East Asian countries, volunteering with Soi Dogs in Phuket, taking vegan cooking classes in Bangkok and visiting meditation centers in Tibet.

Johan continues to produce and acts in Independent films both in New York and Europe and with his production company Changing Film Productions but his focus is on Nordic International Film Festival and how to make it a growing festival and a Nordic Market Place.

Ingrid Rudefors
Festival Manager

Ingrid Rudefors is the former head of Stockholm Film Commission.  Ingrid started out as production coordinator in New York in the early 1990s working on feature films with directors like Hal Hartley and Mike Figgies and producers like Eric Fellner and Ted Hope. After moving back to Sweden in the mid-90s she worked as line producer and PM on several award-winning Swedish feature films. During 2010 -2015 she served on the board of directors for “Association of film commissioners Int.”, which has giving her a network of film industry friends from all over the world.  

Ingrid has also written three screen-plays with grants from the Swedish Film Institute and directed and produced six award-winning short films.

She has programmed for many renowned festivals including Long Beach International Film Festival and Sonoma Film Festival.


Linnea Larsdotter
Founder, Creative Director

Linnea is a Founder and Creative Director of Nordic International Film Festival, and since Nancy Drew was her childhood hero, she uses her detective skills to seek out emerging filmmakers all over the world.

Linnea was born in Smygehamn, the most southern point of Sweden as the youngest of 3 sisters, and started performing at a very young age. 

Linnea Larsdotter is used to work both behind and in front of the camera. Her strengths as a producer include everything visual, from location scouting to graphic design. Linnea was one of the co-producers of the award-winning film Till We Meet Again, which she also acted in, and was awarded 'Best Actress' for her performance. Her visual concept designs have helped find both investors and distribution for feature films and series both internationally and domestically. 

Having lived in five countries, Linnea's adaptive skills provides a great asset in mixing cultures in her project, both as an actor, producer and at Nordic International Film Festival.


Associates & Staff


Alex & Anna Källåker

Graphic Designer / Visual Identity

Per Anders Brolin


Gary Springer

Publicist / PR

Martina Djerf

Sponsor Coordinator

Nanna Olsson

Media Manager

Johan Hallstrom


Ellinor DiLorenzo

Filmmaker Representative

Oliver Vikbladh

Head of VR

Sophie Strand


Jessica Hyun

Statistical Analyst

Jana Bergstedt

Festival Coordinator

Bo Svenson

Head of Jury (Juror at the Academy Awards)

Camilla Lerner

Video Editor

Emilee Bae



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