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Director: David Aufdembrinke as DAVI.IN
Premiere: New York Premiere
Country: Germany

Confessing about his innermost fears as a young grown-up, german Director/Photographer DAVI.IN takes on a journey to realize a version of his life where everything is possible. Fusing his distinct attention-deficit-grabbing editing and animation style with a dramatic narrative, the film actually relocates him to Asia, where he experiments with different approaches to make the story he wants to tell into a film by any means necessary, utilizing his entire skillset from hand-drawn animation to old-school Videogame-design. What he finds is more than a film. It is a wildyet consistent mix of visual media, forming a unique view on the inner thoughts of a new generation that has learned to experience life more frequently through a screen through actual experience.

This screening is sponsored by the German Consulate General New York

Twitter: @GermanyNY

Instagram: germanyny_

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