Introducing Aurora Borealis

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The only way to ensure we will have an abundance of great films in the future is to invest in up and coming filmmakers. That is why NIFF has expanded its program to include a spotlight category, in collaboration with Film i Väst. Film i Väst is one of Europe’s most successful co-producers and Scandinavia’s preeminent film fund. Since 1992 Film i Väst have co-produced more than 1 000 feature films, TV-dramas, shorts & documentaries. Over the years, Film i Väst co-productions have also been richly rewarded with nominations and prizes at the world’s most prestigious events, including festivals such as Cannes and Berlin, and galas such as the European Film Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Oscars. The winner in the Aurora Borealis category will receive a full-4-week-tuition provided by the New York Film Academy in New York. New York Film Academy was founded by veteran producer Jerry Sherlock in 1992, who produced such classics as "The Hunt for the Red October”. Inspired by the idea that to learn how to make movies, one must actually make movies, Sherlock and his colleagues designed a truly unique curriculum. Blending a mixture of traditional film school instruction with a new approach, the Academy emphasizes coursework based around students actually going out and shooting films as part of their coursework.