Equality at NIFF 2018

Women’s empowerment is taking center stage at this year’s Nordic International Film Festival (NIFF) as the Nordic value of gender equality meets the cinematic artistry of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland at the Festival’s 2018 edition.

Official selection criteria for the Festival resulted in 87.5 percent of films featured having at least one woman in a power position such as director, writer, producer or executive producer. At the same time, representation of female directors among the NIFF selection is 667 percent higher than among the 250 top grossing Hollywood films in 2016. The number for female writers, meanwhile, stands at 324.5 percent when compared to the same metric.

It's somewhat ingrained in us to be aware of gender equality, hence it was natural to us to pay attention to this matter by asking the question:


Does the Nordic film industry match their desire for equality, or does it fall under the general film making male dominated norm? 


At Nordic International Film Festival, we let the work speak for itself. We select all of our films based on quality - and we just happen to be so lucky to receive incredible work from a somewhat gender balanced group.

Please see our statistics for our 2018 Official Selection here below, and see how we do in comparison to the global film market.

We pay close attention to the research made at Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film.