Nordic International Film Festival




With a mission to build bridges between the Nordic region and the international film community, NIFF will go further than your average film festival, encouraging and connecting filmmakers from all over the world.



There is no other opportunity as a Nordic filmmaker to be seen the way you’ll be seen at NIFF. We take our mission seriously, and care for the opportunity to showcase the talent that Nordic actors, directors, producers, screenwriters and filmmakers; and we want to make a difference introducing them to the international film market - and have successfully done so since our beginning 2015. Our long-term goal is to become a Nordic Film Market, or rather the Nordic Market in North America - to encourage filming in the Nordic region and create a platform for Nordic filmmakers to sell and show their films in the US.

NIFF is at the forefront of the battle for an inclusive film market, proudly following the lead of the Nordic countries - all topping the world’s equality tests. By constantly staying aware of political evolution, both the Bechdel test and the Vito Russo test are taken into consideration when the official selection is made by our programmers.

NIFF’s programmers focus on finding diverse independent films with strong characters and storylines and encourage all filmmakers to submit their films, regardless of ethnicity, religion or worldview.

Our six categories include Nordic and international films, all in competition, and often followed by interesting and informative Q&As with the filmmakers. We make sure to highlight how it is to film in the Nordic region and how funding works to come to Scandinavia to shoot your film, both through our panels, and our well-educated staff. We hold panels, seminars and matchmaking events and we end each festival year with a red carpet reception for press and filmmakers and general audience and an award ceremony where we announce our international jury’s decision.

We want to extend a welcome to all of you to Nordic International Film Festival



Founded by the Swedish actors and film producers Linnea Larsdotter and Johan Matton, Nordic International Film Festival (NIFF) has quickly grown to become a cultural element in the competitive film festival landscape.

NIFF is based in New York City at the renowned Roxy Hotel, also known as The Roxy Cinema in Tribeca. The festival celebrates Nordic and international films annually, and NIFF strives to find new and upcoming independent films as well as honoring great work from already established filmmakers.

“What we wanted set out to do was to create a film festival that is truly for the filmmakers. Many out there take advantage of the dreams and ambitions of artists, and we wanted to be the change. Through us, filmmakers has received future screenings and been picked up for future festivals. We’re also proud to have played a role in future productions, where collaborators met at one of our events.”

- Linnea Larsdotter

The first event was held during two days in October 2015. Over the years, we have grown to five days, and in addition to our screenings included panels, filmmaker matchmaking - and of course a great afterparty.



NIFF is a passionate organization, and the team goes through a thoroughly targeted plan to make sure each individual film screening or panel will have as many seats filled as possible. Since the official selection is a cross-breed of international and Nordic co-productions, and some dealing with special interests, the NIFF team creates print and digital material customized to target each and every group individually and uniquely.



The aim of NIFF is to present quality films to film professionals, film lovers and local, national and international Nordic enthusiasts in an exclusive and attentive setting, in the midst of New York. We strive to find new original content and world premiers. Our vision is to grow into a Nordic Film Market where Nordic and international filmmakers, production and distribution companies come to sell and buy films. We aim to put NIFF on the map as the largest Nordic Market and Nordic Film Festival in the world where we respect and honor work from all over the world but simultaneously open up perspectives to Nordic Film.



The primary objective of NIFF is to attract a new audience to Nordic films, and as an extension of that, encourage both filmmakers and film lovers to film in or visit the Nordic region.

The secondary objective is to encourage international co-productions between a Nordic filmmaker and an international equivalent.

The third objective is to become an international Nordic film market - helping sell Nordic films for world-wide distribution.

The fourth objective is to become a FIAPF accredited film festival, a process that has been initiated in 2018.

The fifth objective is to become an Oscar qualifying film festival, a process that has been initiated in 2018.

The sixth objective is to provide high quality films at an affordable cost – our tickets are around $10, which is collected by American- Scandinavian Foundation. All filmmakers will always attend any and every screening and event for free. In the long run, we hope to be able to cut all ticket costs, making our films and panels available for all.



  • The Nordic atmosphere

  • Women in Film

  • The 2017 refugee crisis

  • Breaking Boundaries



NIFF's programmers focus on finding diverse independent films with strong characters and storylines and encourage all filmmakers to submit their films, regardless of ethnicity, religion or worldview. One part of our program highlights Nordic classic themes found in old Nordic productions. We welcome and judge all films equally and with great respect and consideration. We ask our filmmakers to please take the Bechdel Test into consideration.

We strive to

  • Select and screen international and Nordic films of the highest international standard

  • Partner with Nordic organizations and companies to help promote the Nordic region as a whole

  • Screen films that encourage a discussion regarding the present political climate

  • Be a torch in inclusive film making, raising awareness regarding the importance of the arts in a challenging world climate

  • Create an environment and atmosphere that facilitates in-depth discussion about the films and the social and environmental issues they raise

  • Encourage the Nordic film community to grow internationally, showing off the beauty of the region in addition to our film talent



  • We have attracted the highest quality films, including Oscar nominated filmmakers, Nobel prize winners and star studded casts

  • We have had successful connections made; creating new films through meetings at the festivals, extending screenings of our films to other festivals and screening opportunities

  • We have had to expand our original two day festival to a five day festival to accommodate a growing audience and program

  • We have attracted high-end press coverage, both through our PR and through the efforts of the founders Johan Matton and Linnea Larsdotter, all to help create a megaphone both for the participating filmmakers and for the Nordic region



  • Achieving a 50-50 Male/Female ratio every year

  • Create zero non–recyclable waste at the festival

  • Serve only environmental friendly, vegan food and snacks



  • 5th annual festival

  • 5 days of screenings and panels

  • 20-25 films in our Official Selection

  • 87.5% female filmmakers in power positions in 2018 (Director, producer, screenwriter or director of photography)

  • 65% female filmmakers in power positions in 2017 (Director, producer, screenwriter or director of photography)

  • 195k highest monthly impressions on Facebook

  • 15.7k highest monthly impressions on website

  • 22.3k highest monthly impressions on Twitter

  • 12 world premiers screened at NIFF



2015 - 2018

  • Nordic Council of Ministers

  • Consulate General of Finland in New York

  • Consulate General of Sweden in New York

  • Consulate General of Denmark - New York

  • Consulate General of Iceland in New York

  • Consulate General of Norway in New York

  • New York Women in Film and TV



2015 - 2018

  • VOLVO Cars

  • Daniel Wellington

  • ACE Hotel New York

  • SWEA

  • American Scandinavian Foundation

  • Scandinavia House

  • Umgås Magazine



2015 - 2018

  • VOSS Water

  • Swedish Match

  • FACE Stockholm

  • Molton Brown

  • L:A Bruket

  • Einstok Beer

  • Rekorderlig Cider

  • Sandqvist Bags

  • Iceland Air

  • Eklunds

  • Mockberg



2015 - 2018

  • Jacob A. Ware - Boardwalk Empire

  • Björn Gustafsson - Parlamentet

  • Reed Birney - House of Cards

  • Al Pitcher - Sweden Syndrome


  • Creative director/founder - Linnea Larsdotter

  • Festival director/founder - Johan Matton

  • Festival Manager - Ingrid Rudefors




We want to expand our NIFF lounge for NIFF2019, where filmmakers kan enjoy private and targeted conversations with fellow filmmakers, investors and collaborators. We want to expand the successful individual matchmaking event - connecting our filmmakers with just the right person that they need to take the next grand step in their filmmaking.

We also always seek to improve our prizes for the winning films and filmmakers, strengthening our incentive as a film festival truly for filmmakers.

Continue to shape our collaboration with Film Forum in New York, an initiative started in 2018.

Bring our winning films to Washington to showcase to the Nordic embassies.

Attend international and national film markets and festivals to scout interesting content and speakers for upcoming NIFF events.

Extend our year-round presence with additional screening and panels at suitable events and venues