Winter Buoy - 82 min - North American Premiere

Cannes-awarded Frida Kempff’s first feature documentary is a poetic and intimate story about the guardian angels behind addicts who want to start a new life.

In icy mid-winter Toronto, a group of pregnant women desperately strive to regain control of their lives. They have insurmountable forces against them: homelessness, drug addiction, violent relationships. But following these particular individuals are the attentive eyes of their guardian angels, the social workers of a unique public health initiative. If these expectant mothers can only manage to break free of the vicious cycles dogging their steps, they have a chance to keep their newborns. 

Here’s Vera, pregnant for the eighth time. She escapes from her rehab program but comes back – crying and scared of the damage she has caused. And here’s Charlene, whose shattered smile serves as testimony to her violent ex-partner’s attacks. But here’s also Talia, Doris and the other nurses. They let their own lives wait as they focus on tending to their patients’ needs. They act as social workers and as much-needed friends, doing everything from organizing hospital visits to filling an evening with conversation over pizza.

Winter Buoy is a documentary that portrays life in all its fragility. It is a film about trust and the courage to never stop hoping.

Directed by Frida Kempff