NIFF SHORTS - (chapters) - 10 min - World Premiere

A man and woman assert power through tongue-of-war. An retiree moves into his new flat and recounts the trials of courtship. A couple ignores smoke on the horizon of their picnic. A boy and girl part ways over ice cream. Girls test the balance of friendship in a game of squash. A breakup leaves a couple bare. Sexual impulses reawaken in a lido swimming pool. A husband and wife push each others buttons— and the buttons of their puppets. Here are eight phases of life between two people: infatuation; indulgence; 'landing'; difference; accepting difference; accepting you cannot accept difference; reawakening; and harmonious discord. These eight (chapters) show the raw and manicured moments of friends and lovers as individuals fire and misfire. They present the story between the brackets: what we share after the beginning and right before the end.

Directed by Ross Casswell